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Issues: Where does Ms. Nancy St. Clair stand?

Education - The U.S. Constitution says, "All men are created equal." So should public school education. Education should be fair and equal. Zip codes and socioeconomic status should not be the determining factor for quality education. 

Prolife or Prochoice (Abortion)? - ProLife Only God can give life and take life.

Traditional Marriage or LGBT / Gay Marriage ? - Ms. St. Clair believes in the Biblical view of marriage between a man and a woman.

Ms. St. Clair believes in the reinstating and enforcing The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, Pub. L. ... § 2000bb-4 (also known as RFRA), is a 1993 United States federal law that "ensures that interests in religious freedom are protected."

Police Reform and Brutality Against African Americans: Police should be held accountable and deadly force should be the last resort as oppose to the first.

Ms. St. Clair believes laws should be instituted that prevent rogue U.S. Supreme Justices and judges from creating new laws; in return, such laws bring undo persecution and burden on individuals and organization because of their religion. Such organizations and/or individuals have to choose between obeying controversial laws or denouncing their faith.

Nancy St. Clair, No Party Affiliate Candidate for State Representative
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